Turducken Week – Turdunkin doughnuts with coffee gravy

Turducken using dunkin donut doughnuts, hashbrowns, munchkins, tim hortons, coffee gravy, sprinkles

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a turkey brined in Dunkin Donuts coolattas, filled with munchkin doughnut holes, and covered with a syrup and sprinkles.

Turducken using dunkin donut doughnuts, hashbrowns, munchkins, tim hortons, coffee gravy, sprinkles....served as drumstick with mashed potatoes and gravy and munchkin stuffing

And what do you serve with a strangely sweet turducken? Mashed hashbrowns and the munchkin stuffing covered in a special coffee gravy obviously. You knew it couldn’t be a Dunkin’ Donut turducken without the coffee being thrown in there somewhere, too, right?

As usual, someone was nice (proud?) enough to share all the pictures, ingredients, and reviews of the whole process so we can indulge vicariously through their efforts. Do you think you would eat this?

Wrapping paper looks like burger – Would you like ribbon fries with that?

Wrapping paper that looks like a cheeseburger with sesame seed buns, patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese boxes

Actually, I’d love some curly fries now….

Unfortunately, this isn’t available for Christmas this year. It’s shame, too; I’ve seen it listed in so many places this season that I can only imagine how much they would’ve sold.

Instead, it’s on Kickstarter and you can “preorder,” in a sense, and expect orders to be filled in a couple months. They’ve already reached their funding goal by a long shot, so start thinking of the gifts you’d wrap in this awesome paper.

I’m thinking books are an obvious route, with them easily being the right shape and something you might give multiples of at once. Maybe boxes of chocolate for Valentine’s Day?

Christmas tree sushi -Deck the halls with boughs of Japanese mayo

Sushi art can keep my attention for way longer than it probably should, but I love it. People can get so creative with it and here’s an example of a cool Christmas twist….even if it’s not exactly “traditional.”  Shape them into little Christmas trees and then chow down.

Christmas tree sushi

300g cooked Japanese rice
2 TBS rice vinegar
100g chopped toro
1 avocado
1 tsp lemon juice
1/2 nori sheet
4 shiso
chopped green onion
4 star-shaped cheese (meiji)
soy sauce

Follow instructions in the video to see how to make them. :)

Sushi made to look like Christmas trees with nori, avocado, roe, cheese, green onions, japanese mayo

Visit the creator at CreateEatHappy.