Sushi caterpillar roll

Sushi Caterpillar from The Eatertainment - Avocado, ginger, sushi, rice, vinegar, garnish

While the finished sushi caterpillar is pretty impressive, I think the most impressive part for me is actually the first 30 seconds of the video. It’s incredible that he’s able to slice the avocado, not only that thin, but also consistently that thin. I imagine it takes an avocado that’s at the perfect ripeness/firmness and an incredible sharp knife to prevent it from squishing too much.

Layered sushi cake

Layered sushi cake with salmon, avocado, cucmber and sesame seeds. Basically it's a California roll or Florida/Seattle roll made into layers to look like a cake instead of sushi rolls. Ice it with wasabi and soy sauce maybe?

I am always amazed when people repurpose and redesign dishes into ways that I never would’ve imagined. Sure, people do all sorts of crazy things with sushi and they’re always awesome, but how awesome do you see a beautiful cake like the above? This is a first for me.

It’s actually really easy to recreate yourself, too. There are only 8 main ingredients and if you make sushi at home at all, you probably have most of them already. You’ll need sushi rice plus rice vinegar and sugar for its preparation, and then these for the layers:

  • Nori sheet
  • Fresh salmon
  • Avocado oil
  • Cucumber
  • Avocado
  • Sesame seeds

I have never even heard of avocado oil and it’s just for the coating on the fish where the seeds stick, so I’m betting you could use another light or flavorless oil (maybe olive oil?) for this and it’d taste just as good.

My biggest concern would be how to cut this sushi cake and serve it without tearing it apart. I know I’d want a sharp knife to help slice right through without hanging up and squishing any of the layers. I feel like it’s going to be rather soft like cinnamon rolls would be, so I’d surely make a mess of it. It’d look beautiful before that, though! And if you like sushi at all, I’m sure it’d taste great, too. It’s more or less a deconstructed Seattle roll, but you could do it with other similar ingredients if not all of these are your favorite.

How would you eat it, though? As it crumbles on your plate, would you use chopsticks to piece some together and eat? Or would a fork be appropriate? Fingers are acceptable for sushi rolls, but I think this might be too messy to dive in with your fingers alone. I’d love to see maybe a wasabi and soy sauce “dip” or “icing” to pair with this, too.

Rice teddy bear sleeping under an omelet blanket

Sleeping rice teddy bear under an omelet blanket - Prop his head up with a sausage link and add cheese for faces and pillows

Aww! Isn’t he adorable? From what I’ve read, it’s not just a plain omelet and rice teddy bear. He has sausage behind him to prop him up and it looks like there’s cheese for a pillow and facial features in some of the pictures.

I don’t tend to eat rice for breakfast except for the occasional fried rice with eggs inside, so I doubt I’ll be making this any time soon. I’ll leave this one to the other food artists out there, hehe.

(I am not linking to a source for this one because I can’t find it. Most of the top images and whatnot that come up for this are all from sites who have posted about in the months since I first saw and saved this image. Many of them are claiming it as their own, too, which I don’t want to encourage at all. So if you know the owner, as always, please point me in their direction or vice versa.)

~Edit~ Fancy Edibles has a collection of other similar bears, pictures, *and* a video that you guys might enjoy.