Japanese have all the food art fun – Tank Sushi

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Sushi shaped like a battle tank with raw fish, caviar fish eggs, and asparagus gun from japanese restaurant

I know I could easily fill an entire blog with just quirky bento boxes and another of creative sushi creations. I can barely keep up with getting posts up regularly for this one, though, so you’re stuck with seeing an overwhelming amount of Asian dishes around here sometimes.

These sushi tanks are actually inspired by a Japanese anime series, Gurls und Panzer (Panzer is German for ‘tank’). I wish I knew how much these cost, but I can’t seem to get any additional information about these than what I just told you.

Japanese sushi creation that looks like a panzer tank from Gurls und Panzer anime cartoon

Blue pork sushi – When toothpicks go bad

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I first posted about these delicious little pork rolls more than 2 years ago and since then, I’ve made them several times. They’re quick, taste good, and are great for using in lunches the next day.

It’s not uncommon for me to use colored toothpicks and you can see that all of them here even have multicolored sticks:

It wasn’t until the last time I made them, though, with a different brand of toothpicks, that I ran into issues. Check out these:

 photo Canada2011-2012862.jpg  photo Canada2011-2012860.jpg photo Canada2011-2012858.jpg  photo Canada2011-2012852.jpg
So if you’re the type that’s worried about the chemicals and dyes in our food, beware that some of those toothpicks will bleed colors. I doubt the tiny amount is harmful, but it’s still worth noting, especially if the kids have any sensitivities. 

Sushi caterpillar roll

Sushi Caterpillar from The Eatertainment - Avocado, ginger, sushi, rice, vinegar, garnish

While the finished sushi caterpillar is pretty impressive, I think the most impressive part for me is actually the first 30 seconds of the video. It’s incredible that he’s able to slice the avocado, not only that thin, but also consistently that thin. I imagine it takes an avocado that’s at the perfect ripeness/firmness and an incredible sharp knife to prevent it from squishing too much.