You would never expect this to be a cake….

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 photo kraken1.jpg

But it is. It’s a 30-foot-long rum cake for a Kraken Rum promo at the Festival Number 6 in the UK. Yes, 30 foot long… Look at Laughing Squid to see it being sliced!

Slice open a typography cake for a surprise – Yay!

Birthday cake with words inside when you cut it up - Yay!


Quirky birthday cakes are nothing out of the ordinary around here. This is such a simple concept after you see how it’s done, though, that I’m surprised I’ve not seen it splattered all over the internet constantly.

Before I clicked over to A Subtle Revelry to see the tutorial for it, I assumed that it was going to involve using long pieces of ‘something’ that went from one end of the cake pan to the other, like what’s required when making sushi or panda bread.

But it’s not nearly that complicated and I wouldn’t even mess this up! Well, I’m sure I could, especially if I tried to step too far outside the box and create large bunnies or something inside, but the basics are pretty…well….basic!

Top 10 Manatee Cakes

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Here Mom…have some cake for Mother’s Day! ;)

Manatee cakes   photo manatee6.jpg  photo manatee4.jpg Manatee wedding cake toppers

(Technically this is just a cake topper, but isn’t it adorable?)Manatee graduation cake  photo manatee2.jpg   photo manatee8.jpg
 photo manatee7.jpg photo Manatee_Cake_by_webmyrcury.jpg
 photo manatee.jpg