Top 7 Geeky Cookie Cutters by WarpZone Prints on Etsy (Guest post)

(Today’s guest post is brought you by my geeky sister, Kayla.)

Who could resist these geeky cookie cutters? WarpZone Prints has many more but these are merely my favorite.

7. 1-Up Mushroom from Super Mario Bros
 photo 80ddd803-d1a9-4130-b6c8-dd1bfa46c348.jpg

6. Dalek from Doctor Who
 photo f84b47dc-c9b4-4b28-8d72-68a38799c9a2.jpg

5.Wizard Hat
 photo il_570xN419945985_88bi.jpg

4. Tardis from Doctor Who
 photo il_570xN433284721_1k1u.jpg

3.Classic 8-bit Heart
 photo il_570xN413868256_jpy0.jpg

2. Goomba from Super Mario Bros
 photo 672f1d71-8a09-4616-9aa7-d25ea20123b7.jpg

Look at the detail!
 photo a3e821c3-2c1e-4320-8e3f-8358f0a3b0fb.jpg

1. Block and Coins form Super Mario Bros
 photo il_570xN418452403_437g.jpg

You can even create a 3D version!
 photo il_570xN418452441_gu9e.jpg

Dan’s pancake food art

Pancake food art - Pancake that looks like Mario's hat from Mario video game

Have you guys figured out yet that I love when people play with their food?

Jenni and Jim are my favorite pancake artists but Dan is getting a shoutout here because it looks like he’s doing it in a restaurant and not just in his own home for some kids. Beware that some of the pancakes are not PG-13…there is some language and pictures that are not for your kids. The multiple Mario-related pancakes are worth the click-through, though. :)

Pancake food artPancake food art

Van Gogh Sky painting - Starry Night - A pancake food art plate made to look like Van Gogh's Starry Night

Top 30 Video Game Cakes

How anyone could ever choose only 10, I will never know. And I’m sure there are tons I didn’t even come across that deserved a spot here, so send the video game cakes my way and I’ll edit them in…or do a follow-up. There are just too many good ones.

1. Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs Zombies birthday cake

Plants vs Zombies birthday cupcakes with corn cob thrower, pea shooter, sunflowers, zombies

Plants vs Zombies birthday cake with water, lily pads, roof, zombies

2. Pacman Arcade

Pacman arcade video game machie with blinkie and such

3. Mario and Princess Peach wedding cake
Mario and Princess Peach cake for a wedding - Mario Kart track around the middle, stars, plants 

4. Nintendo Controller – I have a special appreciation for cakes that do NOT use fondant. Yes, they’re amazing, but I also think it takes a special knack to work with liquidy icing and craft magnificent cakes freehand like my mom does.

Birthday cake of Nintendo controller without fondant
5. Nintendo DS – Icing instead of fondant again. After checking with some other gamers, the conclusion is that the game is Rune Factory….or Legend of Zelda. Anybody who has played either on DS that can confirm?

Rune Factory farming role playing game on Nintendo DS - birthday cake for Matt

6. Blue Yoshi – She explains that the picture on the left is what she printed off, but her 8 year old wanted it blue, so she colored in the picture on the right co copy.

Blue Yoshi cake
7. Tetris

Tetris cake with lots of tetris fondant squares 

8. Halo Master Chief

Halo Master Chief green helmet cake
9. Portal space cube

Portal portal cube

10. Angry Birds – I’m sick of Angry Birds stuff, but this one is just awesome. It’s a cake based on a t-shirt based on video game. ;)

Threadless tshirt cake contest of Angry birds with pigs/hogs on a table with apple in mouths, slingshot, realistic birds
11. Playable Angry Birds – And really, sick of Angry Birds or not, there’s no way this could be excluded considering you can actually -play- the game on the cake. Too cool.

Playable Angry Birds cake with flying birds and pigs
12. Starcraft

Starcraft cake
13. Starcraft

Starcraft cake 
14. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft cake

15. Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Caker? :p)


16. Mario chess board – I bet this took quite a while to sculpt each little figure

17. Q*bert


18. Bioshock


19. Skyrim


20. LEGO Batman

21. Playstation 3 game console with controller, Blackberry phone, and a spilled Pepsi can

22. NES video game console featuring characters Mario, Megaman, Princess Peach, Link from Zelda,  Luigi, and I believe Donkey Kong bursting through the butter knife flap (That’s what it was for, right? Flip it up to change the game and then stick a knife in to hold it tight?)


23. Left 4 Dead


24. Ms. Pacman

25. Mario – Previously featured here, but doesn’t make it any less awesome

26. Epic Minecraft grass/dirt cube – In case you were wondering, that’s a 6" x 6" square choc mud cake and 1025 little squares. Yes, that many.

28. League of Legends Teemo


29. World of Warcraft Deathwing

Also, I looked for a good Pokemon cake and none of them really blew my mind like I was hoping. A couple of the Snorlax were pretty close from here, but links are broken.