29 October 2014

The scariest toast story (Wordless Wednesday)

 photo 2012-06-07-toast_zps8d410230.png

(Happy early Halloween!)

10 October 2014

Store prepped veggies in bags (Bulk OAMC tips)

Store prepared carrots in an empty tortilla bag to save money

One of the most important parts of doing "once a month cooking" is the prep work. Even if you don't do all of the cooking on one day, you'll want to do as much of the prep work at one time as possible. This way, even if you need to stop early, you have still shaved off tons of time for later in the week or month.

The above is an example of peeling a whole bunch of carrots at once. I ran out of time and couldn’t go ahead and slice/dice/chunk them for various recipes. I was also making enchiladas for dinner and had just emptied a tortilla. Instead of throwing it out, it was an easy, reusable way to store the whole, peeled carrots, until I was ready to come back to them again.

Later in the week, I likely sliced some of these for the kids’ lunches, diced some for soups, and polished off the last for snacks. Chances are, I had a similar bag of celery right alongside it in the fridge, too.

08 October 2014

Why bloggers disappear (Wordless Wednesday)

Quirky Cookery didn't go viral either. Oops. :P

06 October 2014

Junk food patches - Stop those cravings with one easy sticker...!

 Junk Food Patches to prevent cravings parody
Larger version

Have you ever been so hungry for a french fry that you just wanted to sniff it?

Have you ever been so desperate to quench your cravings that you'd try a chocolate cake scratch and sniff sticker just to get a whiff of the imaginary dessert?

Introducing Danone Corpus Light Junk Food Patches! Just pick a patch, slap it on your arm, and rinse away your diet-wrecking cravings with a Corpus Light.

As the smell wafts up to your nose, reminding you every single second that you don't actually have pizza at your desk, try to resist the urge to gnaw your arm off.

I hear it has more calories than the the cake you're trying to avoid does...

07 September 2014

When will we ever learn...?

02 April 2014

How to make a perfect pancake every time (Wordless Wednesday)

Automated pancake flipping machine. This is why the pancakes always look so perfect!

26 March 2014

What friendship necklaces should’ve been like (Wordless Wednesday)

 photo pizza.jpg

I mean….really…. a good friend is always down for some pizza. This represents lifelong friendship way better than those silly hearts or puzzle pieces.