07 September 2014

When will we ever learn...?

02 April 2014

How to make a perfect pancake every time (Wordless Wednesday)

Automated pancake flipping machine. This is why the pancakes always look so perfect!

26 March 2014

What friendship necklaces should’ve been like (Wordless Wednesday)

 photo pizza.jpg

I mean….really…. a good friend is always down for some pizza. This represents lifelong friendship way better than those silly hearts or puzzle pieces.

20 March 2014

Deep fried peanut butter and jelly

Deep fried peanut butter balls coated in bread and then dipped in jelly

This is exactly something I would do. Everything is better when deep fried. Fortunately for me, DudeFoods already found the problem areas and how to implement this correctly, so that means even less work for me.

I actually prefer the idea of having the jelly as a dipping sauce instead of mixed directly into the fried bread balls. This means controlling exactly how much sweetness gets added each time and there’s the added bonus of choosing some nutty, fried goodness without any jelly at all.

And then there’s the added bonus for someone who is as indecisive as I am and who loves using different sauces: I could easily have 3 different jams or jellies out with these and then pick and choose which to dip in!

12 March 2014

This may have made the Titanic accident a little less tragic (Wordless Wednesday)

Killer whale orcas swimming around the bottom of an iceburg that's really an underwater ice cream cone instead.

07 March 2014

Bacon and egg hot tub for toast people

A bowl with lots of bacon around the outside, scrambled eggs in the middle, and toast cut into the shapes of men with ketchup smiley faces. "Bacon and egg hot tub for toast men"

So this “grown man” calls it a bacon and egg hot tub for his toast people.

I’m afraid that I saw a much more gruesome scene when I first saw this picture. For starters, they definitely look like they’re screaming…likely from drowning in this ‘hot tub’. The fact that the bacon looks more like giant worms, though, or potentially a volcano of scrambled eggs…. sets more of a horror film here.

Which means ultimately, I end up imagining the scrambled eggs bubbling up like molten lava, engulfing the little toast people’s legs, while the bacon worms (Tremor-style) leap in and out of the bowl, attacking them ferociously….

Okay, so I might have some issues….

05 March 2014