Who cares which came first? – Egg mold to look like a chick (Wordless Wednesday)

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Egg-a-Matic Chick Egg Mold

Bacon and egg hot tub for toast people

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A bowl with lots of bacon around the outside, scrambled eggs in the middle, and toast cut into the shapes of men with ketchup smiley faces. "Bacon and egg hot tub for toast men"

So this “grown man” calls it a bacon and egg hot tub for his toast people.

I’m afraid that I saw a much more gruesome scene when I first saw this picture. For starters, they definitely look like they’re screaming…likely from drowning in this ‘hot tub’. The fact that the bacon looks more like giant worms, though, or potentially a volcano of scrambled eggs…. sets more of a horror film here.

Which means ultimately, I end up imagining the scrambled eggs bubbling up like molten lava, engulfing the little toast people’s legs, while the bacon worms (Tremor-style) leap in and out of the bowl, attacking them ferociously….

Okay, so I might have some issues….

Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

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  photo 137ac8b463b9abb02809f751ed77f9bc100000090.jpg
That’s sort of a mandatory title for a picture like this, right?
 photo a390ca741f2f983101621976de082a54100000090.jpg
I used to use A LOT of eggs. When I was living at home and cooking for 6 (7 if you count the dog…12+ if you start adding in the rotating friends/family), Mom would give me “those looks” when she’d see me pile up the cart with 10 dozen eggs.
“Do you really need that many?”
“Uh, yes….”
~ the look ~
“Well it takes a full dozen for a set of omelet muffins or breakfast burritos. If I’m doing those for the freezer, I need at least a few (dozen) and then I put a dozen in the dog’s food, and if I’m doing any baking…”
“Okay, okay. What next?”

~ Sigh ~

I can’t really think of any times where by the end of the month, I had any eggs left either (or cheese, for that matter) and occasionally I would have to stop to get more. Eggs are a super cheap source of nutrition and when you’re trying to cook healthy for a small army on a budget, that’s kind of key.
It also means ending up with a whole lot of “wasted” egg shells, though. The only thing I ever used them for was in the dog food (great way to add the necessary calcium). Had I known I could make my own chickens out of recycled egg shells, I surely would’ve! (Although, there’s no way it would’ve looked as good as this guy’s.)