Rice teddy bear sleeping under an omelet blanket

Sleeping rice teddy bear under an omelet blanket - Prop his head up with a sausage link and add cheese for faces and pillows

Aww! Isn’t he adorable? From what I’ve read, it’s not just a plain omelet and rice teddy bear. He has sausage behind him to prop him up and it looks like there’s cheese for a pillow and facial features in some of the pictures.

I don’t tend to eat rice for breakfast except for the occasional fried rice with eggs inside, so I doubt I’ll be making this any time soon. I’ll leave this one to the other food artists out there, hehe.

(I am not linking to a source for this one because I can’t find it. Most of the top images and whatnot that come up for this are all from sites who have posted about in the months since I first saw and saved this image. Many of them are claiming it as their own, too, which I don’t want to encourage at all. So if you know the owner, as always, please point me in their direction or vice versa.)

~Edit~ Fancy Edibles has a collection of other similar bears, pictures, *and* a video that you guys might enjoy.


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    Brian Winckler
    March 8, 2013

    Hi its pretty cool. Loving this kinda of celestial food. Yahoo!! Got the recipe awesome and yummy.

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