Pouring Bad–Making bad latte art into great pen art instead

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@antlam7 makes sh*tty latte art, @flukeout draws what he sees.”

Pouring Bad


Did you ever have the art lessons in school where the teacher would tell you to scribble on a sheet of paper? And then when you were done, you had to color or draw on certain areas that looked like real creatures or objects?

I feel like that’s what is happening here. The latte art is clearly bad (there are multiple pages on that site, so click through to see more), but the drawings are pretty good!

I have no idea if the latte artist is actually trying to make good art or not. I know it’s difficult and it clearly takes time to learn. I hope that if he is, though, and he starts getting better, that he continues to share his mistakes anyway, hehe.

How to use your hotel coffee maker and iron to prepare your travel meals

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How to grill your grilled cheese sandwich in a hotel room or dorm room using a standard clothes iron

Traveling usually means eating a lot of fast food or sandwiches from a cooler, but some people get a lot more resourceful than that. Most times, you just need a source of heat and both the coffee maker and iron can provide that.

So of the most obvious techniques involve using the coffee maker to heat water for oatmeal or an iron for grilled cheese sandwiches. You can also fry eggs, cook bacon, prepare soft-boiled eggs, and even steam vegetables!

This wiki has a whole list of other foods you can try out in your hotel room, including Lemon Pepper Chicken in your coffee maker! Just make sure you clean out whatever small appliance you end up using so that the housekeeper doesn’t have to deal with your unique mess.

(Oh, and keep these in mind if you’re a college student living in the dorms. You may not be allowed an iron, but you’ll usually have access to a microwave as well.)

How to make drawings in your latte – Coffee bunny!

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Actually, there are two bunnies in there.

I don’t even like coffee and I suck at drawing, but it’s tempting to learn how to do this, just so I can say I’ve drawn a quirky bunny in a drink before, too.

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