Pouring Bad–Making bad latte art into great pen art instead

art, coffee, edible art | December 30, 2013 | By

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@antlam7 makes sh*tty latte art, @flukeout draws what he sees.”

Pouring Bad


Did you ever have the art lessons in school where the teacher would tell you to scribble on a sheet of paper? And then when you were done, you had to color or draw on certain areas that looked like real creatures or objects?

I feel like that’s what is happening here. The latte art is clearly bad (there are multiple pages on that site, so click through to see more), but the drawings are pretty good!

I have no idea if the latte artist is actually trying to make good art or not. I know it’s difficult and it clearly takes time to learn. I hope that if he is, though, and he starts getting better, that he continues to share his mistakes anyway, hehe.


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