What kind of coffee are you? (Wordless Wednesday)

coffee, funny, humor, Wordless Wednesday | February 1, 2012 | By

Pictures of cartoon cups of coffee with things like a wide eyed cup for the extra shot or sleeping decaf - Latte, mocha, cappuccino, decaf, half-caf, extra shot, soy, nonfat, espresso expresso, iced coffee, irish, americano

Lots more coffee humor.


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    February 5, 2012

    This coffee chart is so cute! I am most definitely a mocha with extra cream and sugar. I’ve got a horrible sweet tooth x.x.

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    May 20, 2012

    This is so awesome. :L) I was looking for something to make into a card for my mom and it couldn’t have been more perfect! We are coffee junkies! :)

    Thanks for sharing!

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