Informative food posters – Humor is the same as information, right?

What's the difference between regular and decaf coffee? all coffee is made by harvesting the coffee plant.....caffeinated coffee is made from the coffee bean, decaffeinated coffee is made from the dirt  ....hehe  Japanese symbols for various foods that actually look like the foods they represent - apple, grapes, chicken, eel, bamboo, shrimp, egg, seaweed, onion, milk, cow, drink, mix, peach, eggplant Food related injuries with funny names - Brain freeze, wasabi nose, heartburn, bacon grease singe, coffee croth, soup can toe crunch, repetitive nacho elbow Comic about non organic and organic foods and how much they're marked up in price because one is poison Sriracha food pyramid with cock sauce sprayed all over it  A simple guide to eggs with diagrams of brown vs white eggs nutrition, size charts, factory farmed vs free ranged, how to cook eggs, etcCaffeine poster - how much coffee is in coffee, nos, moster, rockstar, starbucks, mountain mtn dew, coke, sprite, 7up, mcdonald's coffee, einstein brothers coffee, dunking donuts


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