Only 46 slices of pizza a year? (Wordless Wednesday)

Pizza Infographic
(A few weeks back, I got in trouble for posting words with my Wordless Wednesday post. Does it count if the image I post is filled with tons of words instead? :P)

Sugar Rush – Are you a statistic?

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This is definitely more on the PSA side of things instead of the quirky side, although I’ve gotta love the little cartoon pictures used to show just how much we’re overdoing it in the sugar department. I don’t personally consume nearly that much, but I’m betting some of you are pushing it, huh?
Enjoy the reality check:
Soda Infographic on just how much sugar the United States takes in every year - 5 bags of sugar, thousands of soda pops, diabetes on the rise, people are getting fatter and more obese every year

51 meters of ramen to go – Ramen infographic (Wordless Wednesday)

We Love Ramen Infographic - Lots of information about top ramen, ramen recipes, spaghetti noodle substitutes, museums, nutritional values like calories in a package, etc.

Oh ramen, how we love you.