When life gives you…. (Wordless Wednesday)

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T-shirt image that shows lemons, lemon juice, and lemonade in beakers like in a chemistry lab. The ingredient list says "When life hands you: High fructose corn syrup, citric acide, ascorbic acid, maltodextrin, sodium acid pyrophosphate, magnesium oxide, calcium fumarate, yellow 5, tocopherol and less than 2% natural flavors..." make lemonade. It's to point out that food companies aren't even using real foods in the simplest of products because they're so full of chemicals instead.

(Well ain’t that the truth? :P You can get it as a t-shirt here.)

Feeding Tube Diet – Crash Diets at Their Worst

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Reminder that this year’s NaBloPoMo theme on Quirky Cookery is “adults.” Content may not be appropriate for kids.

Thin tube put inside the nostril to feed nutrients on the k-e diet. The feeding tube diet allows you to lose 10, 15, 20 pounds supposedly and eliminates all hunger. Please do not resort to something like this. Sigh. :(

While eating disorders unfortunately plague children, too, I’m considering this an adult topic because of the extreme it goes to and I certainly don’t want to accidentally promote or encourage the k-e diet.

I’ll keep this brief and let you look at the details yourself but basically it’s a trend of brides-to-be to not only crash diet….but to do it to the extent of not eating at all and getting their bare minimum, 800 calories worth of “nutrients” via a feeding tube. Yes, they’re choosing to pay $1500+ to have a doctor put in a tube so they don’t eat the entire 10 day course and hope to lose up to 10% of their body weight.

Ugh!! I think this article sums it up nicely:

Isn’t it funny, that the moment you find someone who loves you EXACTLY for who are you and who adores what you look like, we suddenly feel a desire to be perfect?

Who are we really losing the weight for? The lady or fella who’s already in love with us? The friends & family who don’t give a hoot? Or is it the pressure to make ourselves ”perfect” on our ”perfect” day?

10 Fun Facts about Slurpees for 7/11 Slurpee Day

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Yep, today is 7/11 and that means another year of free Slurpees from 7-Eleven between 11am-7pm. I don’t have any where I am, boo! To celebrate, though, here are some fun facts about slurpees.

All the flavors of slurpees from 7-eleven gas station convenience stores on National Slurpee Day

  1. In Australia, Slurpee Day is on November 7 because Aussies are crazy and put the date as day/year…and therefore, it’s 7/11.
  2. Canadians purchase more than 30 million drinks every year, with 189k of those being from Winnipeg.
  3. The Piña Colada, Twizzler Strawberry, Tropicana Grape Wild Strawberry and Monster Black flavors are the only slurpees that aren’t kosher-certified.
  4. In 1970, 7-Eleven released a 45 titled "Dance the Slurp" that was given away with Slurpee purchases. The B-side was a comedy bit detailing "strange things" that happen to people who "slurp" at 7-Eleven.
  5. The edible straw was introduced in 2004.
  6. In Australia on September 21, 2011, customers could bring in their own cups (or container, regardless of size and fill it full of Slurpee for only $2.60 (a portion of the price of a Super Slurpee) as long as it would fit through a cutout hole limiting the size; this however did not stop people from receiving up to and above 5 liters of Slurpee for less than the price of a Super Slurpee.
  7. A dual-chambered Slurpee cup was announced for June 2011 release which uses a double straw and switchable valve to allow consumers to drink either of the flavors alone or both flavors simultaneously.
  8. The 7-Eleven chain where Slurpees are sold exclusively (with the exception of a few deals such as with Six Flags) turns 85 this year.
  9. Since it was introduced in 1966, around 6.5 billion slurpees have been sold. That’s enough for everyone in the world to have one.
  10. The scientific name for “brain freeze” is “Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia.”