Food tattoos – When cravings become permanent

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There’s no doubt about it that I love food. I thoroughly enjoy consuming it, preparing it, looking at it, playing with it, sharing it, reading about it, learning about it, feeling it, dreaming about it, imagining myself being it…


Anyway, these people took food to a whole new level by tattooing variations on their bodies. Continuing the QJ tattoo tradition, here’s a few quirky food tattoos. You can find tons more at the link, though. There are perfect vegetables, restaurant logos, an amazing hot dog, a mixer, pie, bacon, shrimp, kiwis, candy….so much there!

But here’s a quick taste for you before you go over there:

Awww, milk and cookies!

Brains and eggs?

Ooo, so angry!

What a perfect little cupcake…and skulls.

A butcher’s cheat sheet.

“Sacred Heart of Deliciousness.” The owner of this one actually posted on the page that she’s gone vegan and doesn’t even eat half of these things now, but still loves to bake, etc!


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