May I have another Jessi please?

culinary detours, lookalikes | August 15, 2009 | By

N: Are we going to the pet store?
B: Yeah, are we. We could get a dog, or a cat —
L: Or a kitten —
N: Or a bird —
L: No, a dog!
B: Nuh uh, birds are better.
Me: We’re not going to the pet store guys…
B: Oo, or we could get a Jessi.
N: Yeah, a Jessi, and then we’d have two.
B: Yeah! Then we could have one to cook the desserts
Me thinking: And another to do the rest of the cooking, cleaning, etc, but no…
B: And another one to cook more desserts!
N & L: Yeah, that’d be cool. Jinx!

They continued to talk about what kind of desserts each of the Jessis would make, what they’d request….and what they’d call the other Jessi, lol. It’s great to know that the girls would love to have two of me…if only for me cooking desserts!

And those are chicken nuggets you’d buy at a pet store. Chicken nugget sheep? Aren’t they cute? ;)


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