Quirky pets – The dog loves tagliatelle nests

tagliatelle pasta nests, coiled up pasta balls, dog loves to eat them as dog treats, how do you cook tagliatele nests

Things you should know:

~ He sneezes when he’s excited.

~ This was his third nest in a row….so strangely enough, this isn’t showing his peak excitement.

~ Yes, that’s a grape in the floor in the beginning. He stole it but then changed his mind about eating it.

~ I asked “where do you want it?” because he usually likes them to be thrown. He couldn’t wait, though, and instead, took it from me, and then threw it in the air himself.

~ I bought 3 more packages of tagliatelle nests. Just for the dog. His ears know perk up when you say “nest.”

~ Yes, all my animals have always been weird ones. :P


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