“People food” that’s safe for your dog, too!

For a full, in-depth tutorial and information about how I make my own dog food from scratch, check out my old post on homemade dog food.

In addition to those basics, here are some more healthy foods that are great for your dog. Just remember that you should be careful when drastically changing your beloved pet’s diet and it never hurts to consult with your veterinarian first, especially if your dog has health issues at all.

  • Yogurt – Great source of calcium, protein, and probiotics. Do NOT choose a yogurt that has sugar, artificial sweeteners, etc. Better yet, make a huge batch of your own and share with your pooch.
  • Flax seed – Good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help create a shiny coat, and fiber. Grind it first or choose a flax seed oil instead.
  • Pumpkin – Another fiber source and good for beta carotene (vitamin A) . Added bonus – they tops are fun to play with!
  • Sweet potatoes – Fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C, beta carotene, and manganese are all in these spuds. Some dogs enjoy them when dehydrated and used as treats even.
  • Brewer’s yeast – Good for the skin, coat, and carbohydrate metabolism. Do NOT use regular baking yeast because it can make your pet sick. Beware – Brewer’s yeast can be quite addictive, despite its smelliness. Just ask my cat about her addiction.
  • Apples – Vitamin A, vitamin C, and fiber are the main reasons to share your apple, but it’s also thought that the skin contains chemicals that may protect against certain types of cancer. Do NOT give your dog the whole apple, though. The seeds contain cyanide that in small quantities won’t hurt, but over time, in larger quantities, can be quite dangerous.
  • Pineapple – Good source of calcium and potassium. I’m wary of this one because of all the sugar, but in small quantities, it’s safe. Freeze it for a fun treat to cool off in the summer with.
  • Parsley – If your dog has smelly breath, this is a must. It works on humans, too, so grab a spring for yourself if you’re self-conscious about your breath.
  • Peas – Green veggies in general are good to add to your dog’s diet. In addition to adding to their food, try freezing them and then rolling them across the floor to be chased!

Do you know of any other foods that are safe and well-loved by dogs?

Liver baby food dog treats

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I have been asked several times how I make my own dog treats, in addition to dog food. I’ve been working on compiling a list of great recipes, but this one is getting its own post because it caught me off-guard.

It was featured on All Recipes front page even, but when I clicked through to watch the video, I was surprised by the main ingredient: liver baby food.

I’ve never even seen liver baby food, so of course the first thing I did then was to google that, too. The vast majority of what popped up was Asian baby food jars and this lone Gerber image from what looks like the 50s maybe:


I don’t think they actually sell it any more, but the video clearly shows it being used at around the :40 second mark. Ewww! That looks even worse than most other baby foods!

If you really want to make this particular dog treat recipe, then just puree some chicken or beef livers and you’re good to go. Please don’t torture your baby with it, though. :P

Dog cupcake treats that look like your doggie pal

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Happy birthday cupcakes for dogs made with beef, pork, or chicken with tofu instead of flour (gluten-free) dog treats). The tops look like dogs from the picures and kibble decorations.

After discovering my post on how to make your own dog food, a reader sent me this link:

Custom made canine cake meals

They boast that they’re 100% all natural ingredients like chicken, corn, and tofu instead of using flour and fillers like traditional dog treats do. The quirkiest part is that Dog Diner customizes each one based on a picture of your dog. Adorable!

I wouldn’t ever spend $34 on a cupcake like this…not even for myself…but I know some people would flip for something like this. Unfortunately, they’re only available in Japan at the moment, so if you’re wanting one of your own, book a flight….or bribe a local bakery. ;)