Liver baby food dog treats

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I have been asked several times how I make my own dog treats, in addition to dog food. I’ve been working on compiling a list of great recipes, but this one is getting its own post because it caught me off-guard.

It was featured on All Recipes front page even, but when I clicked through to watch the video, I was surprised by the main ingredient: liver baby food.

I’ve never even seen liver baby food, so of course the first thing I did then was to google that, too. The vast majority of what popped up was Asian baby food jars and this lone Gerber image from what looks like the 50s maybe:


I don’t think they actually sell it any more, but the video clearly shows it being used at around the :40 second mark. Ewww! That looks even worse than most other baby foods!

If you really want to make this particular dog treat recipe, then just puree some chicken or beef livers and you’re good to go. Please don’t torture your baby with it, though. :P


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