The Finest Ethically Farmed And Sustained Meats (Guest)

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(Today’s guest post is brought to you by Danielle. The ideas expressed may or may not be in line with my own. Enjoy! )

Ethical, schmethical. I’ve got enough on my plate with composting, sorting out the
green waste from the…other waste, treating the hemorrhoids aggravated by enviro
safe toilet paper, and spending mega bucks on biodegradable nappies. Now you
want me to look at what’s on my bloody dinner plate? Enough’s enough. Pass the
pigs in blankets.

Yes, a lot is asked of us these days. But soon enough, it all just becomes a
regular part of the daily grind. True, your bottom does go into shock when you
make the initial swap from traditional toilet paper to recycled. Yes, getting the kids to
keep their rotting lunchbox fruit out of the recycle bin is an ongoing battle. And,
sorry to say it, ensuring your meat is ethically farmed and sustainable is one of
the single most important things you can do. Cannings Free Range Butchers are
here to help.

The highly industrialized nature of current meat rearing and slaughtering is a very
far cry from what most people would consider healthy and humane. Animals
kept in appalling, cramped and filthy conditions, forced to subsist on a diet their
digestive systems are not equipped to handle, injected with all manner of growth
hormones and antibiotics to keep them free of the inevitable diseases that strike
when one lives in squalid conditions. It’s an ugly picture and it’s one that too
many of us like to put to the back of our minds. But the truth is this: unless you
are looking at where your meat came from, you are not doing your bit to make the
world a better, greener, and more sustainable place.

Happily, ethically farmed, sustainable meat tastes amazing and is infinitely
better for your health than factory farmed! If you’d like more information, visit


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