Body Beautiful: Healthy Foods to make you Beautiful on the Outside and Inside (Guest)

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(Today’s guest post is brought to you by Lisa Lowry.)
In today’s health conscious society we are constantly reminded of the importance of health, nutrition and eating well. It is thought that maintaining a sensible, well-balanced diet helps your body to get all of the nutrients that it needs to thrive – this means giving you energy, promoting general health and cell renewal, preventing obesity and lowering your chances of developing dangerous diseases. So as we can see, eating well is a must if you want to stay beautiful on the inside. But you already knew that didn’t you? What you perhaps didn’t know is that eating well can also benefit your outer appearance and it goes a lot deeper than simply suggesting that candy give you acne and burgers make you fat. There are actually a lot of surprising beauty benefits from numerous food products that can leave you feeling more attractive as well as healthier. So next time you’re planning a trip to the cosmetic store or beauty salon then why not pop along to the grocery store instead? Here are some of the areas that you can improve on and the foods you need to do so. Check out our recipe section for some of the ways that you can incorporate these foods into you daily meals.
A lady’s hair if often her pride and joy and to keep those locks looking luscious you need to load up on lentils. Rich in zinc, iron and protein these little legumes can be eaten by vegetarians and meat eaters alike. The best thing about lentils is that they are full of iron which helps the hair follicles process and absorb oxygen. In turn this makes hair fuller, richer and shinier along with preventing or at least delaying hair loss in a safe and natural way. Salmon and walnuts are also great food products for the hair as both are rich is essential oils that can replenish the hair if it is lacking in natural moisture. Too much can leave hair looking lank and greasy but when eaten in moderation foods that are high in essential fatty oils such as Omega-3 can also help increase elasticity in hair and prevent it from becoming brittle and snapping. This is particularly helpful extreme weather such as the sizzling heat of summer and the frostiness of winter – both of which can leave your hair fragile, frazzled and easily breakable.
Over time our skin can begin to loose elasticity and this is when wrinkles and sagging occur. In order to regulate the body’s natural collagen you need a lot of vitamin C in your diet. We all know that oranges and citrus fruits are a great source of this, but did you know that berries are even better? Packed full of antioxidants and nutrients, strawberries and blueberries are hailed as the next ‘super food’ for the sheer amount of goodness crammed into such a tiny piece of fruit. As well as helping with the firmness of the skin, vitamin C can help fight against the redness of acne as it is the number one immune system booster and the immune system is responsible for toning down inflammation in infected areas of the body. If you want a super skin friendly breakfast then add some natural yoghurt to your berries. Full of amino acids, yogurt is thought to eliminate dark circles under the eyes.
If you are deficient in a particular vitamin or mineral, your nails may be one of the first areas of your body to let you know. Brittle nails are a clear sign that you are lacking in something. Because nails are mostly made up of protein, keeping your protein levels high through dairy products, red meat and fruit/vegetables is important. Similarly to hair, nails also thrive with a lot of iron and zinc in the diet.
Nothing will make you look and feel confident like a dazzling smile and to achieve this you need to take care of your ivory. Calcium is important for teeth and this can be found in most dairy products. Cheese is particularly helpful as it encourages the flow of saliva as well as replenishing the minerals that other food may take from the teeth. You should also munch on a stick of celery from time to time as this crunchy, high fiber greenery encourages saliva production which in turn neutralizes acids in the mouth and (as a bonus) freshens breath. FYI, if you are a man then celery also contains a particular compound which is lost through the sweat glands and acts as a pheromone to women making you appear irresistible. True story.
A woman’s worst nightmare: the dreaded orange peel effect, officially known as cellulite. This lumpy looking skin is caused when the under layers of the skin break and fat deposits becomes trapped. In order to prevent this from happening make sure you get your fill of broccoli which contains a substance that firms up the loose collagen responsible for causing cellulite. Hot foods such as chilies and cayenne peppers are also great as they keep blood flow and circulation active and chase them with lots of water which helps eradicate toxins from the body. Two liters a day is the recommended amount.


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