International McDonald’s – What’s on the menu? (Guest)

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If the thought of eating yet another Big Mac bores you perhaps it’s time to take a trip to a few McDonald’s restaurants from around the world. You’ll be surprised at just how different the menus can be, but I’m sure you’ll still be lovin’ it!

Japan and Hong Kong: Ebi Filet-O-Shrimp

Essentially this is the oriental cousin of the much maligned Filet-O-Fish. But the Filet-O-Shrimp (or Shrimp Burger as it’s called in Japan) actually sounds pretty nice. It has the same structure as a Big Mac, but instead of a slab of meat it’s filled with a few whole breaded shrimp, lettuce and some spicy special sauce.

If the Shrimp Burger isn’t for you there are plenty of other novel items on the McMenu in Japan. How about some Ume Nuggets or some Shaka Shaka Chicken? Whatever you decide to eat you should wash it down with a green tea milkshake. They’re said to be delicious.

Italy: Parmesan McNuggets

If you’re settling down to a plate of McNuggets infused with spinach and parmesan cheese you can only be in Italy. They’re stuffed with the filling to make a kind of nugget ravioli. To eat them you’ll have to plan your Italian adventure carefully, as they only appear on the menu every now and then.

You might be interested to know that Italy resisted the influx of American fast food until 1983. Wendy’s was the first American chain to open in the country, and three years later a McDonald’s appeared in Rome which at that point was the largest in the world. It sounds like they were making up for lost time.

Costa Rica: Gallo Pinto (McDonald’s Style)

This dish is unlike anything you’ll find in an American McDonald’s. Gallo Pinto is a traditional Costa Rican dish made from rice and black beans, and it is served with scrambled eggs and sour cream. Well it’s not always traditionally served with eggs and sour cream, but you can’t have a McDonald’s breakfast without some slightly dubious scrambled egg!

Another interesting menu item from Costa Rica is Fanta Kolita, which you can’t actually get in the United States. It tastes of bubble gum instead of orange, which sounds a bit crazy to me!

Canada: McLobster

The piece de resistance is without doubt the McLobster, which is seasonally available in the Maritime Provinces of Canada and has proved so popular that you can now get one in New England. Essentially it’s a lobster roll with a bit of lettuce thrown in. It sounds simple but there were even plans to introduce them across the whole of America at one point, so they must taste good.

Other items found on a Canadian McDonald’s menu include the Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich (served at breakfast) and a double Filet-O-Fish. It seems that they love a bit of seafood in Canada!

Adam Daniels loves to write about quirky stuff. He works as a copywriter for Find Me A Gift, the online novelty gifts specialists from the United Kingdom


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