McDonald’s in a mansion

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McDonald's mansion near Jericho Turnpike and Hyde Park in Long Island New York
While I don’t immediately think “mansion” when I see this building, considering it’s from the 1800s and in New York (Hyde Park, specifically, for you locals), then this clearly wasn’t your average sized house either.
And now, it’s a McDonald’s! This isn’t anything new and it’s been this way since the early 90s, but I had never seen it before.
My favorite part is that they full restored the glass veranda, too, and allow it to be used as a dining area:

Glassed in veranda dining area in McDonald's that's been put in historic restored mansion in Long Island New York
View from the McDonald's manshion in Hyde Park Long Island New York 

So maybe the view isn’t that great, but it’s still far superior, both inside and out, than your standard Mickey D’s:

What McDonald's usually looks like


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