How to make your own McRib out of Spam – No…really…a McSpam

Chunk of canned spam pork meat product

Start with that delicious looking slab of pink “I don’t want to know what’s in this can”….

And end with this:

Homemade McDonald's McRib sandwich recipe with barbecue sauce, pickles, onions, toasted bun made out of canned spam meat product

Mmmm. Well, it might be anyway. It does look kinda good. And with enough barbecue sauce and goodies on top, it probably does taste pretty good.

A full picture tutorial is over at these BBQ forums.

If you’re making this for an anti-Spam family, I’d suggest going the same route he did:

The scariest part of this whole adventure is that the McSpam was surprisingly tasty. And the kids ate it without complaining. Maybe that’s because I didn’t tell them what it was before they ate it…

I know I always get my best results if I don’t tell them what the quirky ingredients inside are until after they’ve already given their seal of approval, hehe.

And honestly, I think that sandwich looks a whole lot better than these pictures of a real McRib. (Don’t hate me, but I never saw the appeal in the first place…)


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