How to eat on the go with kids – Fast food bento boxes?

Use an art supply school organizer to hold hamburger, fries, apples, drink, and sauces from a fast food restaurant like McDonald's

You know how it is eating fast food on the go. Sure, cars usually have a drink holder, but what about for the rest?

If your kid can barely keep food on his/her plate when sitting still at a kitchen table, how can you expect them to juggle a burger, fries, sauces, and getting a drink every so often on a tiny uneven lap in a moving vehicle? You can’t.

Lookie What I Did got this little basket for a buck at a dollar store and I’m sure we’ve all seen them for art or craft supplies….or they’re synonymous with showering in college dorm rooms considering you have to carry your own toiletries back and forth.

Why not keep a couple of these organizers in the car to make chowing down on the go even easier, too? Nobody likes cleaning up ketchup off the backseat, after all. I can’t help you prevent the splatterings on the roof, though….not that I’ve ever had to deal with those exploding ketchup packets in the backseat before or anything…


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    March 27, 2012

    To remove the ketchup from the inside top of the car… two parts hot water.. one part dawn dish soap.. and alot of elbow grease..!!.. thank you.. this one made me laugh.. and i think there are still spots left… i gave up..

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