Mini-paper plates in delivery pizza box insert

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Pizza box insert that you tear out mini paper plates and napkins - pizza server
Now I’ve seen the boxes with perforations before, like this:

Perforated pizza box to serve as plates

Sure, that’s cool and it gives everybody plates, but it also means having to tear apart the box completely just in order to serve half of it.
With the little paper insert, you pull out each slice as you normally would, but automatically have a napkin or mini plate to hold onto your pizza and go about your business. You can argue it’s extra waste, but I don’t see it much different than the waxy inserts they put in to soak up some of the grease, and this is more practical.
Kids eating delivery pizza, gathered around a picnic table
Besides, if you’re anything like us, we only ever order pizza when we need a lazy night anyway. Chances are, we’re not going to want to dirty up dishes anyway, and paper towels would be used as napkins and plates anyway.


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