7 Up wasn’t always so easy to remember (Fun Facts about Food)

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Facts about Food Friday

Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda

That’s about what the original developer thought would be an appropriate name for people to have to say every time they wanted his lemon-lime drink.

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Until 1950, like a lot of other sodas that weren’t purely sweet drinks, it also had a mood stabilizing drug (lithium citrate) in it. Given the obesity epidemic, maybe we should go back to the time where sodas were considered medications instead of constant kid drinks. ;)

Don’t do drugs – Eat spaghetti instead (Wordless Wednesday)

Kids drawing poster that says "Don't do drugs....eat spaghetti instead"

(See Mom? That spaghetti addiction I had was apparently a good thing….)

The tablecloth that only gets better with spills

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Unfortunately, Underfull is only a prototype and isn’t actually in production, so I can’t tell you where to buy this. I’m not sure it’s even practical to suggest buying it in the first place, to be honest, because all you’ll want to do is pour stuff all over it, I’m sure. :P

It’s a cool idea, though…..to turn something that’s usually seen as an accident and ruins a beautiful white tablecloth, into something even more beautiful. I particularly like that it’s butterflies instead of flowers or some generic pattern.