Remember all the Coke and Mentos videos? (Wordless Wednesday)

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(This makes me wish I actually participated in April Fool’s jokes.)

7 Up wasn’t always so easy to remember (Fun Facts about Food)

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Facts about Food Friday

Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda

That’s about what the original developer thought would be an appropriate name for people to have to say every time they wanted his lemon-lime drink.

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Until 1950, like a lot of other sodas that weren’t purely sweet drinks, it also had a mood stabilizing drug (lithium citrate) in it. Given the obesity epidemic, maybe we should go back to the time where sodas were considered medications instead of constant kid drinks. ;)

How to pair soda with cool ranch Doritos

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Fanta paired with cool ranch doritos with the chips in a martini glass 

Just when I got used to calling them the awkward “Cooler” Ranch Doritos, apparently they realized how stupid that sounded at some point in the last few years and they started labeling them “cool” ranch.

Samples of sodas including root beer, sprite, gingerale, gatorade, coke, fanta, grape soda, sunkist, tamarind, goya, jones green apple soda, a&w, cream soda, cherry cheery cola, dr pepper, shot glasses of 7-up and mountain dew

Now with that derail aside, this is another post similar to the cheesy chip pairing one. It appears to be written by someone different, but the humor is still top notch. Here are some of my favorite quotes about trying to pair junk foods with the perfect flavor of soda:

if you’re reading this post you’re probably just trying to get chip-faced,

Some particularly sophisticated chipsters (you know, the ones with mustaches and cut-off jeans)

I’m a fan of kettle corn, I get sweet-salty, but this went too far. Think caramel candy meets emmental cheese, in a sweaty back alley in Detroit during that summer the garbage men went on strike.