How to make glow-in-the-dark sushi

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Glow in the dark flourescent fish sushi - pink blue yellow

Well I guess it’d be rather easy to ask “Do I have any fish stuck in my teeth?” and actually get a real answer back in the dark restaurant or bar.

I’m not the only one gets asked that, right? And 99% of the time it seems to be in poorly lit areas where there is no way I can actually tell if there’s food stuck in their teeth…

But yes….fish….that glows in the dark. I’m sure that’d be a hit at our next Halloween party. It’s probably a bad thing that I’m picturing floating them in a fish tank…or worse yet, playing those games where you let kids feel the gross foods in bowls with their eyes closed (like peeled grapes as eyeballs….gummy worms for worms….dead fish as…hmmm).


If you’re in California, you’re out of luck, but anywhere else is fair game to order these little glowing fish and make your own.

Glowing sushi preparation


Too bad I couldn’t get by with just using some neon tetras from the local fish shop instead. :P


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