Colored hens for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving?

Gozzi Turkeys in orange, pink, green, blue, purple, turquoise, teal and white. Vegan friendly dye is used to make color their feathers before they molt.

I’m sure your girlfriend would love a pink bird for Valentine’s Day, right? Who wouldn’t!?

Now before the vegetarians get their feathers all ruffled (oh yeah, I went there….the pun couldn’t be avoided), check out what the farm has to say about the dyes:

From Gozzi’s Turkey Farm in Guilford, Connecticut, these turkeys are Gozzi Whites. Their feathers are known for being white and their meat is renowned throughout the region, to whom the Gozzis supply over 18,000 turkeys per year. Non-toxic, vegetable-based food dye is applied to their "blank canvases" to create these bright colors: it’s all topical and harmless.

Sitting down like in the picture above, they look pretty innocent, but you should really check them out, walking around, all fluffed up:

I suddenly really, really want a turkey.

And before it eventually ends up served with potatoes and gravy on my plate, I’ll take the one in turquoise!


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