Top 5 reasons why the ‘fast food purse’ won’t work for Americans

Fast food purse cuts down on waste and allows you to carry your fast food purchase with one hand

Like the Red Cloud ketchup/fry duo, this is a type of packaging that I didn’t know we needed “fixed” but apparently we do.

Unfortunately, after watching this gif one too many times, I started to notice a whole lot of reasons why it just wouldn’t work for Americans.

  • The cup holder is way too small! Come on, we’re the home of the ‘super size it’ phenomenon and even if McDonald’s no longer has that option, that doesn’t mean we don’t still have much larger drinks than what would be seen as normal or ‘regular’ in other countries. 
  • There’s only room for one each! So what if a normal combo comes with a small burger and small fry? Unless your burger is small enough and the variety that goes in a wax paper wrapper instead of a box, this isn’t going to work out so hot.
  • Mixing cold and hot is bad! Speaking of hot, we want our fries as hot as possible and the drink as cold as possible. Chances are, we’re not going to get that from a fast food restaurant half the time anyway, so putting them right next to each other, even temporarily, is likely to make us whine even more.
  • Can’t steal fries at the same time! Everybody knows the joys of stealing fries out of the bag while driving or walking to your eating location. I know the goal of this packaging is to make it a one-handed journey, but what good is having the other hand free if you can’t use it to easily steal fries? Or to get a drink from the cup, for that matter?
  • Not enough packaging! Sure, there’s been a trend toward minimalism and a bunch of extra packaging isn’t a GOOD thing, that’s for sure. But as Americans, we tend to come up with some great excuses for those extra layers of trash (like how it helps keep the heat in!). The designer said she reduced the overall volume by 50%, but between our excuses and our need for bigger holders, I just don’t think that’s going to fly in the US.

If that’s not enough, think about how manly American men are going to reject ever carrying something that’s been called a ‘purse’. This is far too dainty for them. And all that fry grease is sure to leak right through that dainty purse and destroy the whole thing anyway, so nope, back to the drawing board!

How to eat on the go with kids – Fast food bento boxes?

Use an art supply school organizer to hold hamburger, fries, apples, drink, and sauces from a fast food restaurant like McDonald's

You know how it is eating fast food on the go. Sure, cars usually have a drink holder, but what about for the rest?

If your kid can barely keep food on his/her plate when sitting still at a kitchen table, how can you expect them to juggle a burger, fries, sauces, and getting a drink every so often on a tiny uneven lap in a moving vehicle? You can’t.

Lookie What I Did got this little basket for a buck at a dollar store and I’m sure we’ve all seen them for art or craft supplies….or they’re synonymous with showering in college dorm rooms considering you have to carry your own toiletries back and forth.

Why not keep a couple of these organizers in the car to make chowing down on the go even easier, too? Nobody likes cleaning up ketchup off the backseat, after all. I can’t help you prevent the splatterings on the roof, though….not that I’ve ever had to deal with those exploding ketchup packets in the backseat before or anything…

Fries are just a vehicle for dipping sauces

I love a good fry. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, hot, and salted just enough to not be overbearing.

A bad fry? Still edible. Soggy, mushy, unsalted or salted too much, chewy, cardboardy, droopy. Whatever.

While I can adore a good fry without any sauce at all, I think they truly shine as just a dipping sauce vehicle. I don’t just mean ketchup either. Mustard, french dressing, salsa, cottage cheese, cheese, barbecue sauce. Whatever.

So it’s no surprise that when we stopped by Arby’s, I didn’t turn down a single sauce offered.

Actually, I started off by ordering their new buffalo chicken sandwich, hoping the sauce there would offer something new, but I can say that it was underwhelming enough that I just added Arby’s sauce to give it flavor. Oops.

new buffalo chicken sandwich from arby's - no sauce, sloppy, disgusting looking

The fries were the real stars of the meal, though. Delicious rings of deep-fried potatoes in all sorts of sizes and shapes, perfect for smothering in creamy sauces.

curly fries from arby's

honey mustard sauce, horseradish dip, arby's bbq sauce, and new triple pepper sauce

Arby’s and horsey sauce were of course featured, along with trying their honey mustard and a triple pepper sauce that had a funky taste that we couldn’t quite place. Weird.

The absolute best way to use fries is to scoop up the sopping mess from over-saucing an Arby’s roast beef sandwich with a combo of Arby’s bbq sauce and horseradish sauce. I don’t care how unhealthy it may be or how disgusting it might sound or look even, as an occasional treat, it rocks my socks.

Arby's roast beef sandwich with arby's sauce and horsy horsey horseradish sauce and curly fries

Who knew fries were such multi-taskers, huh?