Dog cupcake treats that look like your doggie pal

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Happy birthday cupcakes for dogs made with beef, pork, or chicken with tofu instead of flour (gluten-free) dog treats). The tops look like dogs from the picures and kibble decorations.

After discovering my post on how to make your own dog food, a reader sent me this link:

Custom made canine cake meals

They boast that they’re 100% all natural ingredients like chicken, corn, and tofu instead of using flour and fillers like traditional dog treats do. The quirkiest part is that Dog Diner customizes each one based on a picture of your dog. Adorable!

I wouldn’t ever spend $34 on a cupcake like this…not even for myself…but I know some people would flip for something like this. Unfortunately, they’re only available in Japan at the moment, so if you’re wanting one of your own, book a flight….or bribe a local bakery. ;)

Frosty upgraded his old silk hat – Cupcake earmuffs

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Snowman cake earmuffs in pink and striped sparkles - From Fun Pix and Neatoshop

If you imagine that little snowman cupcake without the earmuffs, it’s actually kind of creepy…and ugly. But the earmuffs are quite cute!

You can get your own set at Neatoshop for $3.45 for 12. I think that’s pretty cheap to step up a dozen cupcakes for a special occasion.

Cupcake nail art

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Unlike my previous nail art post that featured food, this is a single video. It’s a full tutorial that shows how to make the various cupakes and sprinkles nails. I much prefer the smiley cupcakes than the others, but it’s a bit more detailed and time consuming.