Ice cream nail art – No biting your nails!

So while looking up Katy Perry pictures, I ran across some awesome nail art. Check out this ice cream cone painted onto a fingernail:

Better yet, here’s the tutorial for how to do it, plus a shot at all the nails on that hand which have other variations of ice cream treats. Yum.

I found some others, too, but they’re quite a bit different. It’s actually 3D!

From iKandy
If you can’t be bothered to do it yourself, you can buy nails with charms already attached like these:

Or these:

Or you could make your finger look like it’s actually part of the ice cream creation, too:

Or heck, why spread out the sweet treats to multiple nails when you could put them all on one even:

Or how about getting right to the source of the ice cream with this route of Ben and Jerry’s instead?

Maybe paint with ice cream shaped nail polishes

If painting your nails or wearing fake acrylic ones just isn’t your thing, you could always just store your nail care stuff in an ice cream zippered pouch instead:

Okay, okay, that’s more than enough, lol.
No wait, one more. Doesn’t this shape just beg to be turned into an ice cream cone nail instead?


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