All the food bloggers are doing it! – Posting pictures of pets

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I’m going to be up front here and say that this is something that used to drive me insane with food bloggers. I would be skimming through tons of food posts with lots of recipes and delicious pictures, and then all of a sudden, bam! It’s a picture of a dog.

Seriously. Why is there a picture of your dog wedged in between the picture of you chopping onions and the picture of this gorgeous dish you’ve made. Why??  At one point it got bad enough that when I was skipping through all the posts in my feed reader, I would take bets with myself on how many posts I could get through before seeing a picture of somebody’s dog.
I know people love their pets and I love mine, of course, but there’s something not so appetizing about drooling over a scrumptious brownie….and then seeing a dog drooling over them as well. Hmph. Then again, for all those who treat their dogs like their children, I’m sure this will offend them immensely. I just never understood why the dog pictures showed up in the middle of the posts instead of maybe at the beginning, the end, or in an entirely different post even. Most times there was no caption, no explanation, and no logical reason to see a random picture of a dog grinning at the camera.

(Aww, she’s hugging them)

So here I am, going to post pictures of our pets. I’m even going to write several posts where the pets will be featured. But there will be a reason in every single one of them, and I can guarantee you they won’t be random pictures of the pets in completely unrelated recipe posts.
After all, that’s what all the other food bloggers are doing, and that’s just not my style. ;)

(How is she not suffocating?)


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