Tempura shrimp with kitty heads

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I’m sure there’s a pun in here about them being tem-purr-a….

The site I originally saw this on called them “sweet little tempura kitties,” but I actually find them a little creepy.

After all, why are we putting cat heads on shrimp? Is there something here that I’m missing? I love the rice cats and have made my own even, but to put them on shrimp? I’m not sure even I would do that.

Well I might *now,* but I wouldn’t have before….

How to make Hello Kitty sushi

The video is a bit long and could stand to be sped up. I skipped forward through some sections, but it’s really neat to see exactly how she formed the sushi rolls to make it look like Hello Kitty. :)

This isn’t the one from the video, but it’s pretty much the same final result: 


Cats eating people food – Corn on the cob, nom, nom, nom

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Who knew that cats eating corn on the cobs was so popular?

Let me show you with some cat corn poetry….

Cat sitting on someone's lap, eating corn on the cob

Praying lap corn

Bush holding a cat like he's eating corn on the cob

Backward cat corn

Cat eating corn on the cob

Floor corn

Cat  eating corn on the cob gif

More corn!

Cat  eating corn on the cob that has just been shucked

Raw corn

Life magazine cat  eating corn on the cob on a mount

Gnawed corn

Child and cat  eating corn on the cob

Shared corn

Two cats  eating corn on the cob

Haired corn!

Tshirt that says "why don't cats eat corn on the cob?" But they do!

Disbeliever cat corn

Cat jumping into the air with the caption "invisible corn on the cob"

Invisible cat corn

Cat licking corn on a papertowel

Clean corn.

Nom, nom, nom kitty eating corn

Mean corn.

Fluffy kitty eating corn off the grass

Outdoor corn

Kitten nomming food off a human's lap, holding the corn for him

Nominivore corn!

And as a bonus….

Hamster holding a piece of corn

I has a corm?