Burned belly buttons – Third time’s a charm

Obviously my belly button just prefers tempting fate with hot dishes. :(

This time, though, I have proof. Well at least sort of:

Burnt belly button remedy - Red burning sensation all around the belly button

It looks like only the area below my belly button is burned, but it was actually the whole area, even up above the belly button itself. Ouch.

I wasn’t leaning over a hot dish at all this time, though. I was dumping boiling water into the sink, resting the pan on the edge like I always do. Well apparently some decided to trickle down the underside and start running down the cabinet. It was a small enough amount that it slowly soaked the front of my shirt without me noticing. Then when some hit my feet, I backed up instinctively, only to pull the wet shirt up against myself, burning the whole area.

Boooo! Obviously it wasn’t too bad, as you can see from the picture, but it still hurt for a few days, bleh.

Quirky pets – The dog loves tagliatelle nests

tagliatelle pasta nests, coiled up pasta balls, dog loves to eat them as dog treats, how do you cook tagliatele nests

Things you should know:

~ He sneezes when he’s excited.

~ This was his third nest in a row….so strangely enough, this isn’t showing his peak excitement.

~ Yes, that’s a grape in the floor in the beginning. He stole it but then changed his mind about eating it.

~ I asked “where do you want it?” because he usually likes them to be thrown. He couldn’t wait, though, and instead, took it from me, and then threw it in the air himself.

~ I bought 3 more packages of tagliatelle nests. Just for the dog. His ears know perk up when you say “nest.”

~ Yes, all my animals have always been weird ones. :P

Stuck in the garbage disposal? Tongs to the rescue!

Cup stuck in a garbage disposal, using tongs to remove retrieve it

We’ve had the garbage disposal for 8 months now without any major problems. Then twice in one week, this happened. Somehow, of all the dishes that were placed in the sink first, this one little plastic cup managed to slide right into the garbage disposal hole.


And this perfectly sized cup was also just tall enough that it couldn’t be pushed farther into the disposal so I could reach in, get a grip, and pull it out. It was also just short enough there was no lip I could grab onto it from this angle either. It was wedged as tight as can be without wanting to go up or down.


So tongs it was! It was still difficult to get the tongs wedged in and secure a grip, but once I did, it came right out. Well, and then right back in a few days later, but that’s beside the point…


Cup stuck in a garbage disposal, using tongs to remove retrieve it