Burned belly buttons – Third time’s a charm

Obviously my belly button just prefers tempting fate with hot dishes. :(

This time, though, I have proof. Well at least sort of:

Burnt belly button remedy - Red burning sensation all around the belly button

It looks like only the area below my belly button is burned, but it was actually the whole area, even up above the belly button itself. Ouch.

I wasn’t leaning over a hot dish at all this time, though. I was dumping boiling water into the sink, resting the pan on the edge like I always do. Well apparently some decided to trickle down the underside and start running down the cabinet. It was a small enough amount that it slowly soaked the front of my shirt without me noticing. Then when some hit my feet, I backed up instinctively, only to pull the wet shirt up against myself, burning the whole area.

Boooo! Obviously it wasn’t too bad, as you can see from the picture, but it still hurt for a few days, bleh.


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    March 27, 2012

    ouch.. is there aloe around?

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