Fiber handbag – Now with more fiber

Daddy Likey posted about this a few months back (before she took a hiatus…*sniffles*). It just so happened to come with a haiku, too:
If you put your mouth
where your money is, at least
you’ll get some fiber.

If she were currently blogging, I would’ve made you go over there to see that awesomeness, but because she’s not, this is pure, public theft. I’m not bitter that she abandoned us or anything. *glares at the woman who claims she’s too busy to blog right now, if she happens to find her way over here through some stalker-esque backlink checking*  Pfft. :P ;)


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    November 9, 2010

    That has to be one of the most creative uses of broccoli yet. Love the idea, what a wonderfully creative site you have.

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