Spaghetti and Meatballs Lookalike Cake

Many of you have probably already seen this by now, but I can’t resist sharing it again anyway. It seemed to have swept the web when Ciao Chow Linda first posted it. I saw it on blogs, cooking websites, and even forums that had absolutely nothing at all to do with cooking.

Who can blame people, though? It’s an absolutely amazing looking cake.

Growing up, my “special birthday dinner” choice was always spaghetti. I loved it, but my mom doesn’t at all, so I rarely had it….except for getting it on my birthday. She’s always made our cakes from scratch and into something really special, too (I’ll share pictures with you guys later). I no longer get the birthday cakes, but I wonder if I could talk her into trying to make one for an upcoming birthday. At least she wouldn’t have to eat real spaghetti!


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