Mario Birthday Part 2 – Kiwi turtles, carrot flowers, cheese coin blocks

I told you that birthdays are all about the cake and food around here. Well it’s not limited to just the party. On your birthday, you get a special dinner. For me growing up, that meant every birthday I request spaghetti. My mom didn’t like it but it was my absolute favorite (I *still* adore it), so it was a big treat for me.

Well for the Mario birthday, I decided to just run with it. N loves sub sandwiches, so we were going to be having those. I considered making whole wheat buns and trying to make them look like goombas, but because I already had lots of fondant goombas from the cake, I went a different route and served veggies and fruits with standard subs. She loves veggies and fruits, too, so it wasn’t a stretch at all.

And of course, they were a huge, huge hit. She wasn’t expecting anything “themed” for her birthday dinner, so she was thoroughly surprised at supper time. She was so full from cake and such a few hours before that she couldn’t finish her food, though. She looked like she was going to cry before it was suggested she just wrap her plate, put it in the fridge, and save it for the next day. Starts of tears quickly turned to twinkling and there were bits of more excitement the following day when she got to experience it all over again!

Here are a few more pictures of her personalized vegetable tray:

Flowers made out of carrots.
Coin blocks made out of cheese
Cauliflower clouds, of course
Koopa Troopa turtle shells! Kiwi here.

Other food features included using papaya as coins and stars (there’s a pile behind the kiwi turtle in the top picture), broccoli trees/bushes, radish 1up mushrooms, and various tunnels made out of celery and cucumber. :D


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    October 28, 2013

    Jessi, just love the turtle! Cheers

    PS don’t forget to pop over and enter my first ever giveaway!

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