Photobucket and Quirky Cookery image issues

my blog, QC site | October 18, 2010 | By

If you’re not seeing some of the pictures load here lately, you’re not crazy.

Well, you’re probably crazy if you’re here, but you’re not crazy because of the not seeing the images. Maybe I should’ve said “you’re not alone”? Hmm. ;) :P

Anyway, Photobucket has been having some issues lately and the best I can find online is that lots of people are having issues. It seems that it’s more likely to happen if you’re an international user. In general, the images will only appear broken for a few minutes, so although it’s a pain, just check back and do a hard refresh on the the page. Usually you’ll be able to see them at that point, but if not, I’m sorry. :( Hopefully PB gets its butt in gear soon and we won’t have to deal with this for long.

As a strange last resort, the main PB site is generally still working at the time and often the pictures that appear broken here and still in working order over there, so you could potentially sift through the QC PB albums. They’re organized reasonably well, but not perfect, as sometimes I upload pictures in the previous month’s album and then leave it there. :P


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