What happened to Quirky Cookery in 2012?

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~Edit~  I found this in my drafts from back in January. This is the end of March. Instead of finishing it at this point, I’m going to simply post the summaries I had from then and I’ll do a new one around the blogaversary time in the summertime. It’s still interesting, so no need in deleting it. I wonder what the next year will bring!"~~

So what if the first month of the new year is almost over? I usually do this kind of “review” for my blogaversary instead, but that would’ve been back in July of last year and uh, I’m really, REALLY late for that…. oops…

Here’s what QC looked like in 2012:

  • Almost 100k *unique* visitors last year…..with thousands of them coming back regularly.
  • 15% of those were on mobile devices, with that percentage going up quite a bit in the last few months.
  • Pinterest loves QC. <3 StumbleUpon no longer does, boo. :(
  • Visitors still use Internet Explorer way too much, but at least the next two browsers being used most are Chrome and Firefox.

Most searched for terms:

Top visited pages:

Weird search hits:

  • hip bones or pizza
  • youre fat
  • polynesian pile up
  • where do raisins come from (the stork brings them!)
  • chicken jacuzzi
  • tall people
  • i need dis cat
  • midget kitchen
  • paula deen riding things
  • pomeranian cheese
  • really fat cats
  • hamburger kaplumbağa
  • bellybutton
  • cupcakes that look like food (because cupcakes aren’t really food)
  • dill pickle popcorn
  • garbage disposal tongs
  • midget problem (we obviously have one of those… :P)
  • tim hortons old donuts
  • cute pea
  • duck butt recipe
  • gökkuşağı pasta
  • skinny fat girls
  • tomato fashion
  • turk ducken

(The funny part for me is that all of the above are search terms that brought *more than 5* people to my site. I can’t imagine more than one person searching for some of those and landing on QC)

More solo search hits:

  • are you my mother
  • arby’s horses
  • back of the box
  • belly button hot
  • do you want thighs or pizza
  • dogs with raw chicken ears (um, what?)
  • egg flavored vodka (ew!)
  • gopher rat
  • I’m short (congrats?)
  • if your cheetos aren’t crunchy (then they’re chewy…)
  • japanese symbol for weird
  • lets thank jesus
  • naked food shower
  • parmesan dogs
  • pepsi yogurt
  • pork parts funny
  • recipe for edible animal cell cake for 5th grade science class (awfully specific, don’t you think? they were in luck!)
  • what do people put on their kraft dinner (People don’t put anything on it. Canadians put ketchup, though, hehe)
  • “a bird in a bird in a bird”
  • “make your own” “shaker bottle” -corona
  • tocklate milk
  • “omg sodium” on label
  • 32 quarts of chili
  • a big fat yellow snake
  • a slightly obese narwhal (I guess that’s kinder than the ‘fat’ that kept coming up otherwise)
  • always be a yourself you can be a narwhal (English por favor?)
  • arby’s potato cakes cooking (they have potato cakes??)
  • arms and legs cut off still alive
  • avocado bologna
  • asian symbol for baby
  • awkward tall people
  • baby turtle finger
  • belly button third time
  • black oozing
  • bubblegum princess what the cabbage
  • bunny bum cake
  • can I use tin salmon in wonton cups please (uh, sure?)
  • coffee out to get you
  • cute baby diaper fat
  • deviled eggs that are on top of egg-shaped bread slice and decorated with colored cream cheese to look like cakes (learn to use shorter search terms…)
  • dog food 1960’s
  • female chef butter (there’s a special kind?)
  • foot mmm
  • heinz dip & squeeze+ketchup -library -spotted -dick -chapel -body -beans -school -foundation -ward -hj -karl -kevin -bodies -lofts -renkus -center -hall -teresa -kerry -john -seating -field -ticket -career -hunts (the “-“ means they wanted only search results without those words)
  • holoween dorito
  • how do I make a butt
  • how do you get scalded around the belly button (I know!)
  • how many words are in supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  • how taller people help small people reach
  • how to make an easy butt
  • if you give a pig a pancake (what happens!?)
  • it’s simple we kill the pacman

What do you get when you combine a dozen eggs, lysosomes, and a meat baby?

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A post featuring the most popular posts on Quirky Cookery in 2011. Duh. :P

Seeing as how I’m at BlogHer and there will be people checking out QC for the first time, I figured it’d be a nice to remind everyone of some of the fun posts here. Here are some of the posts that received the most traffic here. they aren’t necessarily the best or my favorites even, but fun regardless.

1. Meat Baby….of course. Regulars, I know you’ve seen this mentioned a few times, but people really love it. I’m really going to have to do this again some time.

2. The edible animal cell cake – Lysosome cake balls – Apparently there are a lot of 5th graders out there that were doing science projects, ‘cause L’s first cake and cake balls attempt were a huge success.

3. Omelet Muffins or Egg Muffins – I still love making these, so I can see why others are looking for them, too.

4. Creative Food Blog Names – Two different posts on this, but lots of fun names.

5. Ice cream nail art – Mmm, in the middle of summer, I could really go for some of those.

6. Cheeseball turkey with a wobbling wattle – So much fun

7. Silly hot dogs and spaghetti

8. Pacman birthday party – The flashing tiara made all the difference, I think….and the decorations….hehe

9. Halloween birthday party with glow in the dark food – I had no idea you could make food glow, but it was so cool. And lots of other Halloween treats that weren’t disgusting.

10. Fruit pizza pie – Because hey, for summertime, desserts like this are awesome. Not really quirky, but still good.

Quirky Cookery Easter Bunny

Yes, I fully realize that Easter was a few months ago, but whatever.

What happens when you cross this original:

With this purple evolution/spin:

With a couple dozen pre-cracked eggs:

With a silly Jessi who just let her family know that she had a blog right before Easter?

You get this entered into the yearly egg contest: