What do you get when you combine a dozen eggs, lysosomes, and a meat baby?

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A post featuring the most popular posts on Quirky Cookery in 2011. Duh. :P

Seeing as how I’m at BlogHer and there will be people checking out QC for the first time, I figured it’d be a nice to remind everyone of some of the fun posts here. Here are some of the posts that received the most traffic here. they aren’t necessarily the best or my favorites even, but fun regardless.

1. Meat Baby….of course. Regulars, I know you’ve seen this mentioned a few times, but people really love it. I’m really going to have to do this again some time.

2. The edible animal cell cake – Lysosome cake balls – Apparently there are a lot of 5th graders out there that were doing science projects, ‘cause L’s first cake and cake balls attempt were a huge success.

3. Omelet Muffins or Egg Muffins – I still love making these, so I can see why others are looking for them, too.

4. Creative Food Blog Names – Two different posts on this, but lots of fun names.

5. Ice cream nail art – Mmm, in the middle of summer, I could really go for some of those.

6. Cheeseball turkey with a wobbling wattle – So much fun

7. Silly hot dogs and spaghetti

8. Pacman birthday party – The flashing tiara made all the difference, I think….and the decorations….hehe

9. Halloween birthday party with glow in the dark food – I had no idea you could make food glow, but it was so cool. And lots of other Halloween treats that weren’t disgusting.

10. Fruit pizza pie – Because hey, for summertime, desserts like this are awesome. Not really quirky, but still good.


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    August 4, 2011

    Woot, pacman for the win. (and above halloween birthday.)

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