Back to your regularly scheduled quirkiness – Nablopomo is over, woo!

Nablopomo – A congrats banner for finishing 

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Well I’m not doing a banner, but I most definitely finished the NaBloPoMo challenge, woo!

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about or missed some, here’s the entire month’s collection in one place:

1. Yourself – NaBloPoMo is here yet again – 30 day blogging challenge
2. Favorite Animal – Surprise cereal bowls – Kitty in the milk again
3. Favorite Food – How to serve spaghetti elegantly – Can I still slurp?
4. Favorite Place – Quirky Food Blogs – There’s a niche for everything
5. Best Friend – How to make your own dog food
6. Favorite Book Character – Dr. Seuss themed food – From here to there, funny things are everywhere
7. Favorite Word – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – A spoonful/cube of sugar?
8. Favorite Animated Character – 80s cartoon creations – Smurfs, Scooby, Care Bears, Jetsons
9. Favorite TV Show – Maxim names Butter Queen Paula Deen s*xiest female chef- Wait, what?
10. Favorite Candy – Teenage chocolate ninja turtles – Heroes on a half spoon!
11. Turning Point in Your Life – Narwhals packing KFC lunches for their meat babies after bad collagen jobs in the kitchen sink
12. Most Recent Accomplishment – How many sips does it take to get to the bottom of hot chocolate art?
13. Comic – Mommy, where do raisins come from?
14. Favorite Fairytale – Pease porridge hot, pease porridge cold – Pease porridge under the princess’ bed?
15. Family Picture – The family that eats together…also plays with their food together
16. Inspiration – All the colors of the rainbow…in a burger (Wordless Wednesday) 
17. Favorite Plant – Popeye the sailor pig – Genetically modified spinach pork
18. Just a Doodle – Sad tacos make me happy…and so do strange orange snacks
19. Something New – How do you use your ketchup packets? – Dip or squeeze?
20. Something Orange – It’s beginning to look a lot like Thanksgiving – Mini-Fall cookies
21. Something You Want – 12000 pounds of chocolate – Uh, yes please!
22. Something You Miss – How to puree pumpkin – Throw it across the yard!
23. Something You Need – Lolcats discuss the difference between want and need
24. A Couple – Two peas in a pod walk into a kitchen
25. Scenery – Food landscapes – Broccoli trees, filet of fish sea, foodscapes, mmm
26. Something You Don’t Like – Play football with flaming coconuts
27. Someone You Love – Magnificent Mario portrait made of colored salt!
28. Anything You’d Like – Lop-eared bunny peeler – Awww!
29. A Place You Want to Go – World’s largest monster sushi – 13 pounds? Pass the chopsticks!
30. Finishing the Challenge – Today’s post :)

And I lied. That wasn’t for you; it was for me. This way, next year when I do this challenge again, I can link to this post with all the posts in one place instead of trying to sift through everything on my own again. :P

Thanks for sticking with me this month as I twisted a drawing challenge into a food writing challenge of my own. Now to get back to some of the fun stuff I’ve been cooking and not sharing this month. :D

Narwhals packing KFC lunches for their meat babies after bad collagen jobs in the kitchen sink

(Hey, it’s 11-11-11….enjoy!)

Nablopomo – Turning point in your life – Quirky Cookery

I can’t say that starting this website was an actual turning point. After all, I already had Quirky Jessi and for the first year that this blog was even open, the posting was sporadic, no real focus was here, and it was way down on the list of priorities.

But along the way, there have already been some great opportunities, awesome people met, and a lot of fun had that was motivated because QC existed. So it totally counts. :P

Well, that, and it’s a great excuse to do one of those “what weird stuff people search for that brings them here” kind of posts that are fun on QJ:

  • this is why you’re fat meat baby  (I’m sure he thoroughly appreciates that)
  • paying for coffee (yes, yes you should pay…)
  • cup stuck in a garbage disposal (apparently this happens to other people….a lot)
  • pomeranian cheese (ruff, ruff!)
  • eyeball punch (kapow!)
  • ben and jerry’s nails (I’m sure they keep them trimmed and cleaned…)
  • 5th grade science project 3d edible animal cell  lysosome where you can eat it (specific much???)
  • grimace insides stomach intestines

  • tall people
  • flip food in a wok pan
  • gingerbread man shrek eat
  • how does a pull string toy work (very carefully and for low pay)
  • how to give a pacman birthday party (aww, how sweet….I bet he’ll love it!)
  • ketchup dispenser gross (maybe clean it?)
  • obese girl silhouette
  • shoe whipped cream
  • suffocating cats (you really shouldn’t do that….)
  • the shape of a vacuoles in a pizza pie
  • anatomy of a popsicle
  • bad collagen lips (allergic to shrimp?)
  • cheeseburger feet
  • craving chicken arby’s
  • droopy penguins
  • halloween oatmeal
  • ground meat baby (er…)
  • how to put ice cream on your nails (just dip right into the tub?)
  • lay gaga mea (Lady Gaga meat dress maybe?)
  • luau party + fancy décor (like coconut bras and grass skirts?)
  • rubiks cube recipe spaguetti
  • stab hot dog spaghetti knife (there are likely more efficient things to stab with…)
  • whale w/ horn (do you have to abbreviate when you’re searching? and it’s a narwhal, pfft)
  • "a lot of my friends are vegans now, which i don’t care, eat whatever you want. i just think that my least favorite part of the vegan diet is the verbal part, where they explain it to you. it’s just endless! they’re like, ‘i’m a vegetarian, but i don’t even eat milk or honey because it takes animal labor to make milk and honey and i think that’s wrong.’ and it always strikes me as childish logic, it’s like, ‘i like bees and cows more than the immigrants that pick the vegetables that i eat.’" (okay, so maybe this one *should* have abbreviated)
  • "breakfast log" -cabins -accommodation (this one knows exactly what he wants….or doesn’t want, rather)
  • "in canada it’s the number-one-selling grocery item and an object of worship on par with hockey. (that’s cheating!! but kraft dinner is the answer :P )
  • a symbol of the usa passport
  • africa with no name on countries (how about pepperonis instead?)
  • animal cell ziplock
  • aqua
  • are sims food real? (yes, definitely…they’re really eating inside your computer screen)
  • are bentos filling (yep!)
  • attention to details at a halloween party
  • back yard appy’s with wonton wrappers
  • birthday cake ideas for 17 year old boy (can’t help you there….just give him pizza, his favorite flavored cake, and a tub of ice cream)
  • boy making pancakes story (once upon a time, there was a boy…he made pancakes….)
  • buy spring bunny hello kitty
  • chopped tonic water glow in the dark icing
  • pizza puddle (like this? I hear you should put a pan under it first….)
  • comeback for pfft (pfft!)
  • do canadians like kraft dinner (also pfft!)
  • cookery food that looks like frogspawn
  • corn dog millionaire muffin reviews
  • creative names for desserts
  • don’t eat the baby quirky cookery
  • george washington carver what did he invent and there resicpe
  • How to pack Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch
  • glow in the dark margarita glasses by the dozen
  • shrek’s gingerman картинки
  • highly requested: butterfly nail art tutorial (oh really?)
  • how do i make a badger shaped cake?
  • how do seasonings list olive oil as an ingredient
  • how+to+make+to+edible+animal+cells+5th+grade
  • hot dog spaghetti hair
  • mexican girl with arms and legs cut off
  • misshapen pupil
  • numb3rs "tastes like raspberries"
  • pic of cytoplasm with arms legs mouth (scary!)
  • project sel hewan tiga dimensi (huh?)
  • reasons give meat to babies (don’t! saves more for you)
  • sub sandwich so it doesn’t get soggy (put the mayo on the bread, then the dressing, so it doesn’t soak in)
  • halloween, birthday invitations, feel free to dress up (thanks!)
  • butter salt ketchup popcorn seasoning canada
  • qurky/querky/quercky/qirky/qirckie (all spellings of quirky I’ve gotten)
    Alright, there ya have it. Some of the more interesting search hits I’ve gotten over the last couple years.

NaBloPoMo is here yet again – 30 day blogging challenge

It’s that time of year again. The time of year where I join a whole bunch of other people in writing/posting my butt off. While some of the crew are writing full novels in 30 days, the blogger variety is making sure they post every day for National Blog Posting Month.

Some years I’ve gone with a theme, like in 2008 when I did a whole month of “quirky art” on the QJ site, and others, not so much, like last year here where I just shifted my focus to making sure I showed you a whole bunch of weird food-related stuff.

This year? A variation on this:

No, I will not be drawing. :p It’ll all be food-related, whether mine or someone else’s, and will be some interpretation of each thing on the list.

So today? “Yourself”?

Quirky Jessi and some guy wearing a sun costume at BlogHer for the Jimmy Dean (mmm, sausage) No Kid Hungry Pledge. His sheepish grin is because he was a little surprised to be standing next to someone else dressed up…and not being paid for it, ha. And yes, my ears do indeed match my shirt. What of it?