How do you use your ketchup packets? – Dip or squeeze?

Nablopomo – Something new

I saw the mockup for these ketchup packages a couple years ago and figured they’d never actually be released, just like so many other product improvements aren’t because of the cost to redesign.

New Heinz ketchup packets packages where you can dip or squeeze it out

But look, it’s happening! If you haven’t seen them yourself yet, check out Chick-fil-A, Smashburger, and Dairy Queen, all of which have already switched. Wendy’s will be switching out later this year, and McDonald’s and Burger King are both still testing and deciding.

I happen to love the new packages. I can conveniently dip -or- squeeze it out, and they each contain 3 times as much as the old annoying packages. It’ll take a while to get used to not needing as many packets, but I probably won’t waste as much either, so I’m game.

Sad tacos make me happy…and so do strange orange snacks

Nablopomo – Just a doodle


I had a hard time deciding whether I wanted to post “just a doodle” like the above one from someone’s nephew’s Paint doodling….

Or if I should go with some cheese doodle art like this life sized room….


Or if I should go with something cute like this little guy…



So I went with all three. Now I want some fake processed air puffed cheese snacks. I doubt I’ll look half as cute eating them, though.

Popeye the sailor pig – Genetically modified spinach pork

Nablopomo – Plant

Popeye the Sailor Man pig - Baby hog dressed up in a sailor hat and anchor gloves

For a lot of the posts this month, I looked to my Google Reader for topics. I have a huge backlog of ideas saved there that I either want to make myself at some point or just want to post about. That pile of posts grows daily as I find more and more awesomeness created by other people.

So for example, today’s topic I just searched my reader for “plant” and voila, you magically get to hear about Popeye Pig!

Scientists in Japan have successfully created a pig with spinach genes! The idea is to make healthier pork. It’s the first time mammals have been spliced with plant genes. They scientists removed the spinach genes and implanted them into fertilized pig eggs, and then implanted these eggs into a surrogate pig.


The article there is from several months ago and at that time, it says that they started doing this 3 1/2 years ago and are just now reporting on it. I wonder what else they’re working on currently that we won’t hear about for another 4 years.