Back to your regularly scheduled quirkiness – Nablopomo is over, woo!

Nablopomo – A congrats banner for finishing 

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Well I’m not doing a banner, but I most definitely finished the NaBloPoMo challenge, woo!

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about or missed some, here’s the entire month’s collection in one place:

1. Yourself – NaBloPoMo is here yet again – 30 day blogging challenge
2. Favorite Animal – Surprise cereal bowls – Kitty in the milk again
3. Favorite Food – How to serve spaghetti elegantly – Can I still slurp?
4. Favorite Place – Quirky Food Blogs – There’s a niche for everything
5. Best Friend – How to make your own dog food
6. Favorite Book Character – Dr. Seuss themed food – From here to there, funny things are everywhere
7. Favorite Word – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – A spoonful/cube of sugar?
8. Favorite Animated Character – 80s cartoon creations – Smurfs, Scooby, Care Bears, Jetsons
9. Favorite TV Show – Maxim names Butter Queen Paula Deen s*xiest female chef- Wait, what?
10. Favorite Candy – Teenage chocolate ninja turtles – Heroes on a half spoon!
11. Turning Point in Your Life – Narwhals packing KFC lunches for their meat babies after bad collagen jobs in the kitchen sink
12. Most Recent Accomplishment – How many sips does it take to get to the bottom of hot chocolate art?
13. Comic – Mommy, where do raisins come from?
14. Favorite Fairytale – Pease porridge hot, pease porridge cold – Pease porridge under the princess’ bed?
15. Family Picture – The family that eats together…also plays with their food together
16. Inspiration – All the colors of the rainbow…in a burger (Wordless Wednesday) 
17. Favorite Plant – Popeye the sailor pig – Genetically modified spinach pork
18. Just a Doodle – Sad tacos make me happy…and so do strange orange snacks
19. Something New – How do you use your ketchup packets? – Dip or squeeze?
20. Something Orange – It’s beginning to look a lot like Thanksgiving – Mini-Fall cookies
21. Something You Want – 12000 pounds of chocolate – Uh, yes please!
22. Something You Miss – How to puree pumpkin – Throw it across the yard!
23. Something You Need – Lolcats discuss the difference between want and need
24. A Couple – Two peas in a pod walk into a kitchen
25. Scenery – Food landscapes – Broccoli trees, filet of fish sea, foodscapes, mmm
26. Something You Don’t Like – Play football with flaming coconuts
27. Someone You Love – Magnificent Mario portrait made of colored salt!
28. Anything You’d Like – Lop-eared bunny peeler – Awww!
29. A Place You Want to Go – World’s largest monster sushi – 13 pounds? Pass the chopsticks!
30. Finishing the Challenge – Today’s post :)

And I lied. That wasn’t for you; it was for me. This way, next year when I do this challenge again, I can link to this post with all the posts in one place instead of trying to sift through everything on my own again. :P

Thanks for sticking with me this month as I twisted a drawing challenge into a food writing challenge of my own. Now to get back to some of the fun stuff I’ve been cooking and not sharing this month. :D


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