Lolcats discuss the difference between want and need

Nablopomo – Something I need

Lolcat - Fat cat with caption "maybe I ate all the marshmallows And maybe I didn't"

Unlike wants, needs are a little harder to pinpoint sometimes. Does that kitty really need more marshmallows? Nah. :P Does he really, really, really want them? Oh yeah!

Lolcats - I need dis - cat with orange juice, steak - Oh god I need dis this

Right now, I completely sympathize with that last kitty. Sometimes, a craving is so intense that you just need it.

I think these little guys may not realize the difference between want and need.

 Cat climbing barbecue grill to get hot dogs and hamburgers - Lolcat wants steak too Lolcat cat wants stack of pancakes with big blue eyes


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