Two peas in a pod walk into a kitchen

Nablopomo – A couple – (Like two peas in a pod, no?)


These salt and pepper shakers are just the cutest little couple for a quirky kitchen.

Unfortunately, while I was looking for other cute pea pod products, I found several listed in a Serious Eats article about Toy Story 3 plushies and some are definitely more disturbing than adorable. Like this dog costume:


Really? Had I not said that’s supposed to be “two peas in a pod,” would you have been able to guess it as such? Yikes.

Here, have a couple better ones to make up for it. I found some other great ideas like candles and cupcakes that used the old saying, too, so if you know any couples or best friends that are like two peas in a pod, take the saying and run with it!



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