Food landscapes – Broccoli trees, filet of fish sea, foodscapes, mmm

Nablopomo – Scenery

Foodscape - Landscape picture with broccoli trees, balloons made out of bananas, pears, produce, strawberry, lime; basket of berries blueberries and raspberries; potato rocks

Now this guy knows how to play with his food!

Broccoli looks like trees, cauliflower clouds, whole scenery with bread mountains

Carl Warner has dozens more of these foodscapes in his portfolio, but I’ve gotta say, I really prefer his older work that looks like the last set of pictures on this page. The new stuff looks mostly just Photoshopped. Still artistic and cool to look at, but I have a much harder time picturing that someone actually put it together with real food.

Foodscape with potatoes and lettuce leaf trees

Enjoy some more of these pictures and check out the original artist’s website for much bigger pictures (I set one as my desktop wallpaper) and a bunch more awesomeness.

Fish sea, potato rocks, bread rocks

(Filet of fish sea with a pea canoe? Lovely!)

Rice field with ginger trees and coconut haystacks

Bean rock walls with garlic cheese basket, pepper tres, cheese house

Food landscape art picture

(Carrot stalactites)

Food market art with tortellini, almonds, tomatoes, peas, beans, and pepper curtains

(Did you notice the bell pepper slice awnings?)
Bacon snowscape picture with meat river, bacon trees, biscuit rocks, pretzel sled, snow   Bacon snowscape picture with meat river, bacon trees, biscuit rocks, pretzel sled, snow

Picture of Carl Warner taking pictures of bacon and deli meat landscape scenery

I love that there’s a prep picture shown. I would’ve just assumed everything was painted or produced online to begin with, rather than being able to believe it was all done out of real food. Yummy.


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