3D Food Rings–Way Better than Mood Rings

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These are being referred to as “mini food-in-motion rings” since they’re not just displays of food in general.
I know that I won’t be wearing any of these any time soon considering they would rise 3 inches above my hand and I’d be in constant fear of breaking them.
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I think it’s a fun way to step outside the box with jewelry, though. And if the size of these turn you off, she does have an entire collection of rings that aren’t quite as large. For being homemade and listed on Etsy, they’re priced surprisingly reasonably, too! I see a bunch of them that are only $6 and she currently has a sale going on. Not bad for such cute items!
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Food trucks, but not – Trucks that look like their foods

I actually had a hard time finding information on some of these because any searches that continued both “food” and “truck” automatically brought up a billion different food trucks. I love ‘em, too, but their popularity over the last few years especially is getting a little ridiculous.

Mostly because there’s no way I can try out all the food trucks I want, pfft. :P

Anyway, to the trucks!

Planters nutmobile with Mr. Peanut in his monacle, tux, and cane standing next to a truck shaped and decorated like a peenut

Planter’s Peanut Mobile


Hershey Kissmobile


Maximus Minimus


Midwest Dairy Association


Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill – This one is actually one of my favorites. If it weren’t parked outside the sign saying it’s for a bar and grill restaurant, too, I might be a little confused but regardless, I like that the entire vehicle has been transformed into a burger and all its fixig’s.


Boston Lobster Feast Car

Goldfish – The snack that smiles back


Sweet Jenni’s Cupcake Truck
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Naked shower girl with food…yeah, I said that…

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Yes, that is a girl showering.

Yes, it’s food-related. Yes, it’s PG-13. And yes, you should watch. The video kicks in at about 40 seconds, so feel free to skip forward if you can’t handle the boringness until then. I’m so, so sorry that it’s Britney Spears music you have to listen to, lol, but really, you should watch and stare in awe.